Bridgesource consists of a lean but extremely effective management team. Each employee at the company ensures continued success in the industry as they complete their unique roles, described below. 

Waylund Ludlow, Division Manager 

Waylund oversees all divisions, team members, finances, and the future vision and direction of Bridgesource regarding vertical supply chain solutions. Coming from Geneva Rock, he brings a wealth of Clyde Companies’ institutional knowledge to the company. 

Gary England, General Manager — 20 years in the fly ash industry 

Gary ensures that the fly ash division is running as efficiently and effectively as it can. He supervises the bigger picture of the fly ash operation and makes sure that everyone is doing their jobs in a safe manner. He ensures that the customer base is getting what they need. 

Merrill Squire, Director of Project Development 

Merrill’s work centers on the development of the cement division of the company. He is working to construct a large cement plant in southern Nevada to help Bridgesource supply the concrete industry with additional sourcing opportunities. 

Rod Hansen, Fly Ash Operations Manager — 25 years in the fly ash industry 

Rod makes certain that everyone working at the Jim Bridger Power Plant (Bridgesource’s source of fly ash) and the Ogden domes is doing so safely. He helps make sure that all equipment is maintained and that operations are running as efficiently and effectively as they can. He also works with third-party vendors at Bridgesource’s terminals.  

Tyler Thorn, Area Manager 

Tyler is the main contact with all end users of fly ash. He works with them to make sure that Bridgesource meets all their requests. He also assists in the coordination of logistics by ensuring that the material gets to the right people where it’s needed on time. He works with them on pricing and increasing the replacement rate of fly ash in their mixes. 

Joe Fletcher, Plant Manager — 20 years in the fly ash industry 

Joe manages the employees at the Bridger Power Plant who are loading trucks and railcars. He manages things efficiently from the safety and production standpoint. He is also responsible for the day-to-day interaction and relationship with the power plant. 

Jeff Miller, Plant Manager 

Jeff manages operations at Bridgesource’s Ogden location. He works with the employees there to ensure the product is handled safely and that all processes are followed, which include the offloading of rail cars, maintenance of the domes, and loadout into customers trucks.