Bridgesource is set to become more environmentally friendly as it adopts more sustainable distribution methods. 

In a typical year, Bridgesource produces 450,000 tons of fly ash. Historically, 300,000 tons of it have been transported by truck directly to the customer.  

With the addition of a new Bridgesource terminal in Ogden, Utah, more fly ash will be transported by rail. Trucks will only need to transport approximately 65,000 tons, a fraction of what they previously hauled. This change will take over 9,000 trucks off the road annually. 

The Ogden terminal features two storage domes to help eliminate fly ash that was previously placed in a landfill. 

“There were 55 to 60,000 tons per year that were wasted,” said Gary England, General Manager of Bridgesource. “From November through March the construction season ramps down and there isn’t much concrete being poured. However, now we’re able to store previously disposed of product and distribute it when necessary. 

“At the peak of the season when construction starts again, the plant does not generate enough material to meet customer demand. The new terminal fixes that problem.” 

Bridgesource will continuously look for ways to be environmentally friendly in all aspects of the business. 

“Our goal is to be efficient and effective providers of sustainable distribution solutions,” Gary said. “That’s what we are as a company and where we want to stay.”