At Bridgesource, we are a logistics distribution supplier of construction materials — whether that be fly ash, cement, or other future products. We are committed to ensuring that our customers have the product they want when they need it. 

“First and foremost, our responsibility is to supply materials to our industry partners throughout the market,” said Gary England, General Manager of Bridgesource. “That includes our internal sister companies (including Geneva Rock, Sunroc, WW Clyde, and IHC Scott).” 

Looking to the future, Bridgesource plans to develop a cement plant and continue to look at additional pozzolan sources to help strengthen cement. 

“Fly ash supplies are limited and continue to be reduced as coal power generation is phased out by utilities,” Gary said. “However, there are a lot of things we can do with natural pozzolans to continue to build Bridgesource into a long-term logistics and supply chain company.” 

As a subsidiary of Clyde Companies, Bridgesource was founded on certain values which include: We Value People, Our Word is Our Bond, Give a Full Measure, and We Continuously Improve. 

We owe our success to the companies and communities we’ve been privileged to work with. At Bridgesource, our mission is Building a Better Community, and we will continue to exceed expectations through quality products and outstanding service.