Bridgesource has recently deployed new storage solutions for its fly ash supply. The company built two storage domes at a strategic terminal in Ogden, Utah, to assist in the distribution of fly ash and cement supply to the market. 

“The biggest issue you have in building a facility like this anywhere is access,” said Gary England, General Manager of Bridgesource. “The main reason this site was chosen was due to it having rail access and Clyde Companies already owning the land.” 

The domes allow Bridgesource to capture the winter production of fly ash from the Jim Bridger Power Plant in Wyoming (Bridgesource’s source of fly ash). Previously, the excess product was deposited into a landfill. 

“The domes allow us to generate revenue from the product that was disposed of previously and meet the market demand in peak construction months when production from the plant is not adaquate,” Gary said.  

One dome will hold 25,000 tons of fly ash and the other will handle 35,000 tons of cement.  

“Not only will we be able to better meet the demands of the market, but we’re going to be able to meet potential cement shortages that our sister companies (Geneva Rock, Sunroc, WW Clyde, and IHC Scott) have faced over the last few years,” Gary said. 

Collaboration with Geneva Rock will be easier than ever. Bridgesource purchased 3.45 acres for its Ogden location from Geneva Rock’s northern division (situated on the same site) to allow for convenient train access. 

Following some delays due to supply-chain issues, the domes are now fully operational.