Bridgesource is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Tata Chemicals, a soda ash producer in Green River, Wyoming. The collaboration opens up access to an additional reliable supply of high-quality fly ash for distribution. 

“We couldn’t be more thrilled about our new partnership with Tata Chemicals,” said Waylund Ludlow, Division Manager of Bridgesource. “Our focus on strategic supply chains will contribute to a more sustainable and thriving construction industry, especially in southwest Wyoming.” 

A Transformational Agreement 

Under the new Coal Combustion Residual rules implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Tata Chemicals was required to transition from a wet retention pond to a dry collection system for the fly ash produced by their plant. Bridgesource provided a significant capital investment that allowed for the beneficial reuse of the fly ash, paving the way for the partnership. 

To facilitate the smooth transportation of fly ash to the market, Bridgesource is actively developing the necessary infrastructure. United Conveyor Corporation Environmental, another Bridgesource partner, played a vital role in designing and installing the dry collection system. A 750-ton loadout facility is being constructed to efficiently distribute fly ash and meet market demands. Construction is expected to commence this quarter, with a projected operational start in the first quarter of 2024. 

Increased Sustainable Sourcing for Fly Ash 

Beyond satisfying EPA requirements, Bridgesource is driving a fundamental shift in environmental responsibility through “Sustainable Sourcing.” We believe in harnessing the potential of byproducts from coal combustion and turning them into assets. Our solutions not only ensure a reliable supply of high-quality fly ash but also help transform it into a force for good. 

The new agreement between Bridgesource and Tata Chemicals has paved the way for an additional 28 to 30,000 tons of fly ash supply to enter the market. By transforming Tata Chemical’s fly ash disposal process and establishing a strategic supply chain, Bridgesource continues to be at the forefront of the fly ash industry. This partnership isn’t just about additional fly ash; it’s about amplifying sustainability and solidifying Bridgesource’s position as an eco-conscious construction leader.