Bridgesource services the Intermountain West and Great Plains regions with the highest quality fly ash available in the industry. But what exactly is fly ash? 

Fly ash is a product of coal combustion. When coal is burned, the fine particles fuse together to create a coal ash that settles to the bottom of the boiler. Additional ash rises to the top with flue gases, that product is known as fly ash. 

Fly ash can be used as a pozzolan, which is a concrete additive in concrete. It helps the concrete set, provides better protection from wet conditions, and strengthens the concrete over time. It can significantly improve the workability of concrete.  

Additionally, replacing portland cement with fly ash in the concrete mix helps reduce the greenhouse gas footprint associated with cement production and extends the use of cement.  

Fly ash often replaces up to 30% of portland cement. However, a higher percentage can be used in certain applications. It was first used as a pozzolan in cement as early as 1914. 

Bridgesource sources its fly ash from the largest coal production plant remaining in the Western United States and is proud to source a more sustainable product for concrete. 

In addition to subsidiaries of Clyde Companies, the product is used by construction companies throughout the area, including Staker Parsons, Altaview, and American Eagle, plus has sales in the Idaho market. 

The company ensures its storage and use of fly ash is done with the most stringent safety precautions in mind. Fly ash provides incredible opportunities for the enhancement and sustainability of concrete. By creating sustainable sourcing opportunities, Bridgesource helps in Building a Better Community