We are excited to announce that Clyde Companies has formed a new, independent entity, Bridgesource LLC. 

Located in Ogden, Utah, Bridgesource will be instrumental in the acquisition, storage, distribution, and logistics of key materials, including fly ash.  

Fly ash is an integral component of ready-mix concrete. Fly ash is a byproduct in the combustion of coal, and it can be reused in concrete to make concrete stronger, more durable, and less susceptible to freeze-thaw. A recent decrease in the production of fly ash has resulted in a market deficit, increasing the demand and cost of this material.  

Bridgesource has entered into an agreement to be the exclusive purchaser of fly ash from the Jim Bridger Power Plant in Wyoming. The quality of the fly ash from Bridger Power Plant combined with the lack of other sources in the market will prove Bridgesource a successful and valuable venture.  

Bridgesource will sell its fly ash to concrete producers throughout the Intermountain West.   

The new venture became fully operational October 1, less than eight weeks after securing the exclusive agreement with the Bridger Power Plant. Bridgesource is currently shipping fly ash to customers. 

Gary England has been hired as the Division Manager of Bridgesource LLC. He was integral in achieving Bridgesource’s exclusive contract with Bridger Power Plant and now leads a team of people with over 20 years of experience in the fly ash industry to oversee the operation. 

“I am excited to be part of the Clyde Companies. As a supplier of fly ash to the Clyde Companies for over 20 years, they have always been an exceptional partner. I’m looking forward to continuing to build on that philosophy and relationship and continue provide the materials that allows them to offer superior concrete products.” 

Plans are in motion to build an innovative, state of the art, storage and distribution facility located on the rail line. The rail terminal and storage facility will be constructed in Ogden to facilitate the logistics and storage for the fly ash operation.   

Environmental Facts 

  • Clyde Companies is dedicated to Building a Better Community, and environmental stewardship is an integral part of that mission. The combined Clyde Companies make up one of the largest recycling operations in Utah. 
  • Using fly ash in ready-mix concrete saves landfill space and cost and alleviates the use of natural materials. It leads to significant energy savings from crushing and transportation. 
  • For every ton of cement replaced by fly ash in concrete, it eliminates 1 ton of CO2 emissions from cement manufacturing. 
  • The rail transport will result in 11,000 trucks eliminated from the road annually, resulting in a significant reduction of vehicular pollution.