Bridgesource recently celebrated performing work for over 4,000 days without a recordable incident taking place, a phenomenal achievement in the construction industry. 

Because Bridgesource was only formed in 2020, the safety accomplishment also includes time from current employees who have been working at the Bridger Power Plant (where Bridgesource sources its fly ash) prior to Bridgesource’s founding. 

“We’ve worked extremely hard on creating a true safety culture,” said Gary England, General Manager of Bridgesource. “That’s how everybody thinks in all that they’re looking at and identifying. 

“Our team is constantly asking, ‘What are the hazards? What potential problems can happen?’ Our employees are fully engaged and involved in the entire process from start to finish. 

“They know that if there’s anything unsafe, they can completely shut down the process and go back and look again at what we’re doing. There are no repercussions for being safe.” 

These safety precautions have been implemented numerous times throughout the last 12 years. The end-goal in mind is to have another 4,000+ incident-free days at Bridgesource. 

“We’ll continue to identify what the hazards are and continue to refine our processes,” Gary said. “We’ll continue to look at every single activity that we do to redefine them.”